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Terms and Conditions


1.1. The website terms apply  to your use of the Trilab Srl website at (the "Website") and to any Order you place on the Website or by telephone. The Website is owned and operated by:

Trilab Srl
whose registered office is at Gruaro, Via dell'Artigianato, 1 – 30020 Venice
VAT number/C.F./Reg.Impr. di Ve: 02662400270, REA n. 232635, Cap. Soc. Euro 52.200 (i.v.)
Online shop at the page:
Telephone: (+44) 208 089 0404

The Website Terms apply regardless of how you access the Website, including any technologies or devices by which Trilab Srl makes the Website available to you at home. By placing an Order on the Website, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to these Website Terms.

1.2. These terms are referred to the “Consumer”, who is a natural person. The products on the Website are intended for personal, non-commercial purposes only. Trilab protects the consumer’s rights according to Italian law of 06 /09/2005, n. 206, Par. III, Section II (Italian Consumer Code), edited with the law 21.02.14 n. 21 according to law 2011/83/UE, and all the Consumer rights. Trilab Customer service is available for any further information about the terms and conditions or for claims/ disputes. You can call the customer service number (+44) 208 089 0404 or write an e-mail to The Consumer can exercise his rights according to the mentioned laws, even if he does not contact us by telephone.

1.3. The website terms apply to your use of the Trilab Srl website at and to any Order you place on the Website or by telephone ((+44) 208 089 0404).

1.4. The "Client" refers to the "Consumer" (natural person who places an Order for personal, non-commercial purposes), and to the “Professonist” (natural person or legal person who/that places an order for his business). 

1.5. The “Order” refers to any offer to buy one or more Products that the Client makes on the Website or by phone; the “Contract” refers to the agreement between the two parties (Trilab and the Client who purchases one or more products).

1.6. "Products" refers to products and tools for the hair care that are present in the Website at the "products" link.

1.7. "Working day" refers to every day of the week, except Saturday, Sunday and Holidays following the Italian law.

1.8. The Client can keep a copy of the following terms and conditions and of all documents of the Contract related to the products purchased on the Website, directly from his browser (e.g. “File-->”Save as”).

1.9. he Client can keep a copy of the details about his Order, by downloading the Terms and Conditions (see previous article) and by saving the data present in the last part of the Order procedure. He can wait for the Order Confirmation E-mail, sent by Trilab after he placed the Order, at the e-mail address he had previously specified. This e-mail contains the Order details that he can directly print or save in his computer.

1.10. Trilab keeps a copy of the details of every Order. In order to maintain the confidentiality of the Client’s personal data, the Client can go to his personal area in the Website, called “My account”, simply  entering his username and password that will be given to him when he registers to the Website. In his personal area, the Client can view the status of his Orders (completed or pending), edit his address/telephone number/bank data or he can decide whether to subscribe to our newsletter or not. The Client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password and account and any activities that occur under his account.

1.11. Any material Trilab saves is kept as proof of the communication, of the Orders and the of the payments between the two parties (Trilab/Client).



2.1. All contracts shall be concluded in Italian.

2.2. The Client must read this Terms and Conditions carefully, before placing any Order. When the Client purchases an item, through transmission of the order form, he is asked to save and print a copy for his future reference.

2.3. Presenting these Products in the Website, we only invite the Client to make an offer to buy, so it is not legally binding for Trilab and it is not an offer to purchase, according to art. 1336 of the Italian Civil Code. Trilab can decide whether to accept or deny the offers made by the Clients.

2.4 Website Orders

2.4.1. In order to purchase one or more products on the Website, the Client has to give the required personal information to Trilab - this is governed by the Italian laws concerning the personal data protection.

2.4.2. The Client can select all the products he wishes to buy and place them in his “shopping cart”, where he can see all the details of his Order before purchasing the items.

2.4.3. Clicking on “Proceed to Checkout”, the Client places his Order. Until completion of the online checkout process however the Client can edit the data he entered by clicking on “Back".

2.4.4. Clicking on "Place Order", the Client places the Order.

2.5 Telephone Orders

2.5.1. The Client can place an Order simply by contacting the Customer Service at the number (+44) 208 089 0404, specifying all the required personal data: first name, last name, email address, billing address and shipping address (if different). The Client places the Order at the end of the telephone call.

2.5.2. Each Order placed by telephone has to be considered as a Contract between Trilab and the Client. Trilab will send the Order details and the Terms of Sale to the Client by fax or by email. The Client has to sign both documents (the Order and the Terms of Sale) and send them back to Trilab by fax or by email. The Contract is closed when Trilab confirms the Order, by sending an email to the Client. Trilab will also send an email to the Client telling him whether the Order has been accepted or not (Order confirmation). 

2.5.3. Please note that completion of the online checkout process does not constitute our acceptance of your offer to purchase products from us. We have the right to decline an order for any reason. Our acceptance of the Order - and so the conclusion of the Contract- will take place only when the Client receives the email of Order confirmation.

2.5.4. In the unlikely event of an Order cancellation on our part or on the Client’s part, we will cancel the payment and refund the total amount the Client paid. Trilab will process the refund as soon as possible but the time required depends from the Bank. Once the Payment has been cancelled, Trilab does not take responsibility for any damage caused by delay of the Bank in refunding the amount.

2.5.5. When placing an Order, the Client confirms that he has understood all the instructions he has been given and that he agrees to the following Terms and Conditions.
The Client has no rights of financial compensations. We do are not responsible for any damage due to a refused (also partially) Order.



3.1. All prices (inclusive VAT) of the Products present in the Website do not include taxes, duties and fees that can be applied in the Country where the Products are delivered, that will be at the charge of the Customer.

3.2. All prices of the Products in the Website are subject to change at any time without notice. Concerning the Orders that the Client has placed and Trilab has confirmed or aims to confirm, the prices will be those that the Client has seen when he placed the Order.

3.3. Free delivery for Orders over € 48,99 (inclusive VAT) and delivered to Italy. For Oders under € 48 to be delivered to Italy, the delivery costs € 4,90. For International delivery, the delivery cost will be calculated on the basis of the final destination of the items. The Client can view the delivery costs before placing the Order.



4.1. Trilab reserves the right to choose its own delivery service. The Products are delivered to the address selected by the Client, written on the Order confirmation, and only to the geographical areas that the delivery service can reach. Trilab reserves the right to define what can and cannot be delivered to which destination.

4.2. Orders will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days from the date of Order confirmation (date given only for information). So, if the Orders shall not be delivered within 3 to 5 working days from the date of Order confirmation, the Client has no right of compensation. However, according to the laws concerning the delivery, the Orders will be delivered within 30 days from the date of the conclusion of the contract. 

4.3. Unless otherwise indicated, the Order will be delivered to the ground floor.

4.4. When the Client receives the Order, he must check that: a) the number of parcels he collects is the same as the number of parcels indicated in the Order documentation; b) the parcel is undamaged and in good condition.

4.5. If the Products the Client receives are damaged or incorrectly supplied on delivery, then he can refuse the parcel (in this case he must note the details of any damage or error in supply on the delivery documentation) and he must inform us (by post, phone or email) within 14 days.
If there are missing products, the Client must note the details of the missing products on the delivery documentation, that he must request to the delivery service.
If there are no notes on the delivery documentation, the Client has no right of complaint.

4.6. The Client must immediately report if the Products he receives are damaged or incorrectly supplied on delivery, by noting “ACCEPTED WITH RESERVATIONS” on the delivery documentation. Once the Client signs the delivery document, he has no right of complaining about the parcel he received.
We advise the Client - even if he does not see any external damage on the parcel- to sign the delivery document under “GOODS UNCHECKED”. If this note is missing and the items inside the parcel have been damaged, the delivery service is not responsible for that, even in case there is an assurance.
If the Products the Client receives are damaged or incorrectly supplied on delivery, the Client must inform Trilab within 7 days from date of delivery.

4.7. If the Client does not receive the Order within 5 working days from the order confirmation, he must inform Trilab by telephone or email. Trilab will open a claim with the delivery service, in order to check the reason for the delay.

4.8. If no one is available at a residential or other address at the time of delivery, a note will be left to the Client, who must then contact Trilab or the delivery service- within 4 days from the date of delivery - asking for another delivery date.

4.9. If no one is available at a residential or other address at the time of delivery for many times or the delivery service is unable to deliver the parcel for any reasons, in case the Client does not collect the parcel within 5 working days from the date the parcel is sent to the delivery service warehouse, the Order will be cancelled. The delivery service will then send the parcel back to Trilab. In this case the Client must refund the delivery charge (from Trilab to Client and from Client back to Trilab) to Trilab.

4.10. Inside the parcel, the Client will find the receipt including the list of the delivered items and the document related to the delivery charges.

4.11. Trilab shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver products if the delay or failure is wholly or partly caused by circumstances beyond our control - e.g. strikes, measures taken by public authorities, blazes, energy rationings, problems during shipping, floods and so on. If these circumstances beyond our control shall last for a period of time over 30 days, each of the two parties has the right to terminate the contract. In this case, the Client has no right of compensation but he has the right to be refunded the money he paid to purchase the Products.

4.12. Trilab shall be under no liability for any delay if the delay is caused by circumstances beyond its control, especially in case the courier loses the Products, in case of floods or bad weather conditions, or in case of strike.

4.13. If the Client receives an item which is different from the item he ordered, he must not open the package. He must contact us ASAP: we will tell the Client how to return the item back to us. We will then send the right item to the Client, free of charge. If the Client has to pay any return charges, he will receive a discount voucher for purchases in the Website.



5.1. The Client has to pay for all the Products he ordered. In case Trilab denies the Order request, the Client who already paid for the Order will be refunded ASAP.

5.2. Trilab takes four types of payment: by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), by Paypal, by prepaid card and by bank transfer. The Client has to choose among these types of payment.

5.3. If the Client places an Order by telephone, he has to pay when the Products are delivered to him or by bank transfer.

5.4. If the Product the Client purchases is marked in the Website as "available", it will be shipped ASAP: if the Client pays by bank transfer the Product will be dispatched within 5 working days from the date when Trilab confirms the payment. The quantity of the Products marked as "available" on the Website is not  binding because it may not be the same as the quantity present in our stock . Trilab does not take any responsibility for failure or delay in the delivery, if the products ordered by the Client are not delivered to Trilab by the supplier / manufacturer or are not available due to circumstances beyond its control.

5.5. If the Client is a Consumer and the unavailability of the Products does not allow Trilab to dispatch and deliver the Products within 30 days from the date in which the Consumer placed the Order, Trilab will refund the Consumer within 30 days from the date that follows the day in which the Order was placed. 



6.1. If you are contracting with us as a Consumer you have the right to cancel all or part of your contract at any time for any reason, according to the following terms and conditions. 

6.2. To exercise his right of withdrawal, the Consumer has to send a notice to Trilab within 14 working days after the day on which he receives the goods and so after the day in which the Consumer - or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the Consumer- acquires physical possession of the goods. The Consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal by sending us a notice by registered mail, by fax or by email (but we have to receive the original notice by registered mail) within 48 hours to the following address. The Consumer can use the following cancellation form, but it is not obligatory.

Model withdrawal form
Trilab Srl
Via Dell'Artigianato, 11
30026 Portogruaro - Fraz. Summaga (VE)
Telephone: (+44) 208 089 0404

I exercise my right of withdrawal because I want to return the following goods: (list of the items you want to return), today, (date). The items have been ordered on the (date) and I received them on the (date).

Consumer’s name
Consumer’s address
Consumer’s signature (only if this notice is sent by letter)

6.3. Please notice that:

6.3.1. The right of withdrawal can be exercised only for entire products; the Consumer cannot exercise his right of withdrawal for parts of the purchased Products.

6.3.2. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for sealed Products having an expiration date, that have been opened or damaged. 

6.3.3. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for sealed Products that have been opened. 

6.3.4. Unwanted products must be returned undamaged, in their original packaging (including any documentation or tool); in order not to damage the original packaging, we advise the Consumer to pack it in another package; do not apply any label or sellotape on the original packaging of the Products. Trilab will collect the packaged product.

6.3.5. The Consumer has to send the unwanted Products to Trilab within 14 days from the date of the sending of the withdrawal notice. Products has to be returned in their original packaging, undamaged,  including all their tools, documentation and user guide; the Customer has to send us also the transport document (present in the original packaging), so that we can identify the Consumer (number of order, first name, last name and address). Trilab does not take any responsibility for any damage during transport.  Please note that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for Products that cannot be sent back to us or perishable Products that have been opened such as cosmetic products.

6.4. If the Consumer does not follow these rules, he cannot exercise his right of withdrawal. 

6.5. As soon as we receive the Product, we will check if it is undamaged. If the Product or the package/original package have been damaged, we will subtract 20% from the total amount of the refund.

6.6. If the Client decides to terminate the Contract, he will be refunded by Trilab - refund includes the total price of the Products and delivery charges (but not additional charges, in case the Client does not choose a standard delivery), within 14 days from the day in which he informs Trilab about the fact he has decided to terminate the contract. The Client will be refunded by means of the same type of payment he used to purchase the Products, except if he had chosen previously another type of payment for the refund.

6.7. The Client cannot exercise the right of withdrawal in case the product is returned to Trilab without following these conditions. 

6.8. If the Client cannot exercise the right of withdrawal, Trilab will return the purchased Products to the sender, who has to pay for the delivery charges. 

6.9. Please note that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in case there are Products which are not suitable to be returned or perishable products, such cosmetic products that have already been opened.

6.10. The return notice has to be sent to:

Trilab Srl
Via Dell'Artigianato, 11
30026 Portogruaro - Fraz. Summaga (VE)
Telephone: (+44) 208 089 0404

The Products have to be returned to:

Trilab Srl
Via Dell'Artigianato, 11
30026 Portogruaro - Fraz. Summaga (VE)


7. Guarantee and claims

7.1. All Products purchased on the Website are subject to the applicable laws relating to the guarantees and the laws of the Consumer’s Code for the consumer’s protection.

7.2. We have taken reasonable precautions to try to ensure that prices quoted on the Website are correct and that all products have been fairly described. Trilab disclaims all representations and warranties, express or implied, that content or information displayed in or on this Website is accurate, complete, up-to-date and so Trilab or its suppliers accept no liability for any losses or damages which are not reasonably foreseeable arising out of or in connection with these Website Terms or your use of the Website. Products names and brands or producers for identification purposes only. Pictures and descriptions of the products for identification purposes only. The picture related to the product description can be different from the Product concerning size, colour and accessories.

7.3. The guarantee covers all faulty and/or damaged Products. The guarantee does not cover any damage due to improper use of the product. The guarantee coverage shall not apply to any claimed defect, failure or damage which Trilab determines was caused by: abuse, neglect, improper use of product and so on. The guarantee may only be applied for the buyer, because it is only valid for Clients and not for dealers or retailers.

7.4. If the Consumer notices that the Products he purchased from the Website are faulty/damaged, he has to contact Trilab - within 2 months from the day he finds out the damage - by telephone, fax, email and registered mail: we will repair the Product or send  a replacement Product to the Consumer, depending on what the Consumer chooses, unless one of the two possibilities is not available. The Consumer can call the customer service at the number (+44) 208 089 0404 for any further information.

7.5. The Consumer has to describe in detail the faulty/damaged Product and to send the Order documentation to us (Number of Order, Number of the Consumer and any data that can be useful for us to identify the claim). If the Consumer does not receive any email from our part within 5 working days, he can send us another email asking for an answer. We advise the Consumer to check if his emails are correctly sent to Trilab.

7.6. If it is not possible to repair or replace the faulty/damaged Product, the Consumer can ask Trilab for a price reduction or for the termination of Contract. The Contract cannot be terminated in case of minor defects.

7.7. If the Consumer asks for the replacement of the faulty/damaged Product, he must send it back to us in its original package, all its accessories and documentation. If these conditions are not satisfied, the Product cannot be replaced.

7.8. The Client has to pay for the return charges of the Product.

7.9. Trilab is not responsible for the quality, packaging or labeling of the Product.

7.10. The guarantee cannot be applied in case of faulty/damaged Products purchased by individuals, because the Products are not guaranteed for dealers, resellers and so on.

7.11. For any further information, the Consumer can contact the customer service:

Telephone: (+44) 208 089 0404

Products must be returned to:

Trilab Srl
Via Dell'Artigianato, 11
30026 Portogruaro - Fraz. Summaga (VE)



8.1. Discount vouchers (or Coupons) cannot be purchased on the Website. Trilab’s promotional campaigns make these discount vouchers available for all Clients of the Website, but only for a limited time.

8.2. Discount vouchers can be used only for certain types of Products, according to what is indicated in the Website.

8.3. Discount vouchers available on the Website can be used only for a limited time, which is indicated on the Website, and can be used only one time, when ordering a Product.  You can use the discount voucher before confirming your Order (before clickking on “Confirm”). After that point, you cannot use your discount voucher anymore. Please note that the discount vouchers can be used only for certain types of Products, according to what is indicated in the Website.

8.4. Discount vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and do not accrue interests. Discount vouchers are not transferable and so cannot be given to third parties. Discount vouchers cannot be combined with other discount vouchers.

8.5. The price of the Products purchased with one discount voucher has to be the same or higher than the value of the discount voucher itself. If the Consumer does not reach the value of the discount voucher with his purchase, the residual value of the discount voucher cannot be refunded.

8.6. If the value of a discount voucher is lower than the total price of the Order, the Consumer can pay for the difference with the above mentioned types of payment.

8.7. If the Consumer returns (even partially) the Products he purchased using a discount voucher, the value of the discount voucher will not be refunded.



9.1. Trilab (and third parties that are in charge of the payment management and/or shipping and delivery of the Products) may collect, store and process your personal data and the data of your order to manage claims concerning the guarantee of the Products and/or information about the Products. For further information about the storage of personal data see our Privacy Policy.

9.2. Trilab may collect, store and process your personal data according to our Privacy Policy.



10.1. Any change in Trilab terms and conditions of sales will be notified in the Website.

10.2. Any change in Trilab terms and conditions of sales will be valid for the new Contracts, starting from the first Order after the publication of the changed terms and conditions in the Website. For Orders placed before the notification of the change in the terms and conditions, that change will not be valid.



11.1. If any clause present in the terms and conditions and/or in the contract is or becomes ineffective and so the terms and conditions of sale and/or the Contract do lack of something, the other clauses present in the terms and conditions of sales and/or in the contract are still valid. Trilab and the Client will discuss together about how to fill the gap and so how to replace the ineffective clause.



12.1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by the laws of Italy and any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Pordenone.

12.2. If the Client is a Consumer any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the city in which the Consumer is resident or domiciled, if it is in Italy.


13. ODR - Online Dispute Resolution

Link to ODR website of European Union for online dispute resolution:

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