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Medavita Huile D'Etoile - Treatment for Shiny Hair

All the products of the line Medavita Huile D'Etoile treat your hair, leaving it healthy and beautiful.

A unique blend of fine oils adds extreme shine; your hair will shine like a star: 

  • Sacha Inchi oil nourishes repairs and protects your hair, preventing dry hair and creating a sort of natural 'barrier' on its surface. 
  • Moringa oil protects your hair, adding shine, body and volume. It hydrates your hair, protecting it against humidity, air pollution, UV rays and free radicals. 
  • Cyperus oil nourishes and revives hair without weighing it down. It leaves hair soft, shiny and easy to brush.   
  • Linseed oil revives hair and scalp. It nourishes and softens your hair, controlling frizz and adding shine. 

Your hair looks shiny when it is healthy and clean. For this reason, Medavita developed Huile D'Etoile line: extra shine for every type of hair.  

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Medavita Huile D'Etoile Oil 50 ml
Medavita Huile D'Etoile Mask 150 ml
Medavita Huile D'Etoile Shampoo 250 ml
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