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Australian Gold Premium Line - For a Golden and Safe Tan

Australian Gold Premium Line is a range of sun cosmetics for people in need of intensifying the tan, reducing skin discolouration and flaws. Enriched with exclusive blends of bio-active bronzing minerals (92 different minerals that revitalize the skin and stimulate melanin production) and ultimate self-tanners, these products provide a very dark colour instantly

Australian Gold Premium Line, fine formulas for a longer-lasting tan.

This line offers amazing technologies that prevent wrinkles while protecting the skin totallyAustralian Gold Premium Line features unique glamorous packagings with sparkling rhinestones on the cap.


Delayed Bronzers Delayed Bronzers (DHA): Small amounts of product to get a darker tan, just after 8 hours and up to 4-7 days. Wash hands immediately after applying.

Immediate Bronzers Immediate Bronzers: A super-fast sun-kissed glow lasting up to 1-2 days. No residues. Wash hands immediately after applying.

Tan Activator Bronzers Tan Activator Bronzers: Innovative blend of melanin activators for a natural black tan. 

Derma Dark DermaDark: Melanin activators, that do not stain.

Tan Fresh TanFresh: Exclusive ingredient that removes after-tanning smell.

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Australian Gold Nude Awakening 300 ml
Australian Gold Rock Culture 300 ml
Australian Gold Bronze Elements 300 ml
Australian Gold Guilty Pleasure 300 ml
Australian Gold Current Mood 300 ml
Australian Gold Rock Culture 15 ml
Australian Gold Heavy Metal 300 ml
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