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Australian Gold Iconic Line - The Tan you have ever Dreamt of

Australian Gold Iconic Line tanning intensifiers have been created to give a perfect, long-lasting tan. Enriched with essential ingredients and the most exclusive Australian Gold technologies, such as Biosine Complex, an advanced blend of actives that provides an even, dark colour while fighting wrinkles and fine lines.

Australian Gold Iconic Line gives a unique tan.

Iconic Line Intensifiers are perfect in any phase of the tanning process: they provide the skin with nourishment, hydration and vitamins, leaving it stronger and healthier. Fights damages caused by UV rays and redness.


Tan Activator Bronzers Tan Activator Bronzers: innovative blend of melanin activators for a natural black tan. 

Delayed Bronzers Delayed Bronzers (DHA): Small amounts of products for a darker tanning, just after 8 hours and up to 4-7 days. Wash hands immediately after applying.

Immediate Bronzers Immediate Bronzers:  A super-fast sun-kissed glow lasting up to 1-2 days. No residues. Wash hands immediately after applying.

Aloe Aloe Vera: Softening, hydrating, regenerating, healing properties are given by active ingredients.

Derma Dark DermaDark: Melanin activators, that do not stain.

Hemp Seed  Hemp: Pure Hemp Seed Oil Extract is full of enzymes: softens and nourishes the skin while providing an extreme tanning.

Tan Fresh TanFresh: Exclusive ingredient that removes after-tanning smell.

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Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator 250 ml
Australian Gold Deviously Dark 250 ml
Australian Gold Daringly Black 250 ml
Australian Gold Color Binge 250 ml

Australian Gold Color Binge 250 ml


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Australian Gold Eye Candy 250 ml
Australian Gold Accelerator Extreme 250 ml
Australian Gold Smooth Faces 120 ml
Australian Gold Dark Legs 250 ml
Australian Gold Bronze Accelerator 250 ml
Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Spray 250 ml
Australian Gold Dark Side 250 ml
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11 items

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